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Gel-Slide - CD Series

Gel-Slide - CD Series

The Gel-Slides have a 50.8 x 50.8 x 6.4mm glass slide carriers stored in a protective plastic hinged box. The glass slide can be used up to temperatures of 220°C.
The trays are available in clear styrene (T) and clear anti-static (AS).
Retention levels available are X0 (for highly polished surfaces), X4 (for pre-polished and/or etched surfaces) and X8 (for rough surfaces like ceramics).

Model Material Retention level Pkg
CD-22T-02-X0 clear plastic Gel X0 50
CD-22T-02-X4 clear plastic Gel X4 50
CD-22T-02-X8 clear plastic Gel X8 50
CD-22AS-02-X0 anti-static clear Gel X0 50
CD-22AS-02-X4 anti-static clear Gel X4 50
CD-22AS-02-X8 anti-static clear Gel X8 50

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