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Medium Square Storage Boxes

Medium Square Storage Boxes

Scatole quadrate in polipropilene - MEDIE
Square polypropylene boxes - MEDIUM

Model Internal
Model Internal
ELB-A64 6x6x1.8 cm ELB-X78 7.8x7.8x5.2 cm
ELB-Z5825 6x6x2.5 cm ELB-A80 7.9x7.9x2 cm
ELB-Z608 6x6x8 cm ELB-A84 8x8x2.6 cm
ELB-Z6726 6.6x6.6x2.6 cm ELB-Z8540 8.6x8.6x4 cm
ELB-A69 6.7x6.7x1.5 cm ELB-F9616 8.9x8.5x1.4 cm
ELB-A74 7x7x2.3 cm ELB-A938 8.9x8.9x3.5 cm
ELB-Z868 7.6x7.6x4.8 cm ELB-A94 9x9x2.5 cm
ELB-A88 7.8x7.8x3.7 cm

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